4 Dimensional Sidewalk by Project Cityscope & David Neevel

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April thru June 2010

Can a building actively shape its environment?

Lower Burnside Street was widened in the 1920’s to create a central city arterial. The carving of the existing, now historic buildings to establish arcades has resulted in a unique pedestrian environment. The City of Portland encourages new structures to create a relationship with these historic buildings and reduce the perceptual width of the street.

The building provides a 3-dimensional pedestrian environment and passively marks a relationship with the existing historic fabric, reinforcing a district, and helping to define an ordered public way.

This interactive installation seeks to dynamically distort the urban environment created by the building façade through the projection of live video captures that are augmented by time and spatial representation. The intent is to allow the building armature to produce a feedback relationship with pedestrians, resulting in a 4-dimensional sidewalk.

This project was a collaboration between project cityscope and artist David Neevel, with support from in situ PORTLAND program of the Regional Arts & Culture Council and bSIDE6, LLC.

Posted: July 5th, 2010
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