BIG shirt / little TOP by Elisa Linda Saether

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September 2010

Presented as a pair and drawing on scales of memory both individually and collectively, common vintage items are reassembled and made wholly anew yet strangely familiar, as well as concurring within the larger context and scale of the bSIDE6 office building.

BIG shirt
Referencing mythology and modernity, this shirt fit for a giant, turns the common uniform of the corporate world into an occupiable fantasy through collective repetition and scale.

BIG shirt is conceived and constructed with several singular used men’s dress shirts to create one new collective big shirt. Each shirt was opened at its seams and stitched back together to create the rectangular yardage for the final construction and re-constitution of one giant-sized dress shirt.

little TOP
Starting with an old hatbox as an initial reference to scale and context, a small circus tent newly occupies and rises from the flat round box with all its parts ready to assemble alongside with some new circus occupants. little TOP is constructed using various scraps of vintage clothing and common household items (drinking straws, curtain weights, wooden dowels, thread, glue and paint).

little TOP draws from personal memories of a circus tent constructed for The Circus No Purpose. It was made for the children of a dear friend and former Circus colleague. Conceived to be easily able to pack down for traveling entertainment; its next stop is Berlin via post.

Posted: October 16th, 2010
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