Asleep Until Awake by Nathan Dinihanian

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October 2010

Dear bSIDE6,
I will be here every day this month.
What we do will change as the month progresses.
It will be interesting to see how our relationship takes form.
I am excited to be collaborating with you.
It is good.

Nathan Dinihanian

The difference between occupied space and unoccupied space is change.

Regardless of location, size or status, space develops over time based upon the activities and people within. bSIDE6 offers a space where the function is not completely defined, the experience within is undetermined.

On October First the installation will begin with the introduction of seven benches. Benches have two purposes. First they establish the idea that art is present. Second they are useful. I will visit the site daily and as the month progresses the form will take on new context based upon the changing relationships. This internal process will mirror the larger shifting forces taking place outside the walls of the gallery.

Through this process, I hope to better understand how space, form and interaction develop when no specific function is required. Whereas in previous installations in which I have privately prepared for the display of a completed form, the bSIDE6 installation will be on display in all its forms and will always be complete. It will simply be changing.

Posted: November 14th, 2010
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