Underground train drawings by Rod McLaren


Underground train drawings composited together to make an image that might be a landscape, or might be something else.

A Northern Line train on London’s Underground collaborates with the artist on 4 Dec 2003 to make some drawings. The train conveys the artist in a sitting position, and the direction of travel is to the left: Tufnell Park to Kentish Town and Kentish Town to Camden.

This work and commissions are for sale.

Medium: digital image, 2004.
© copyright Rod McLaren, 2004

Source drawings:


Tufnell Park to Kentish Town. Medium: Ink on paper, A5, 2003.


Kentish Town to Camden Town. Medium: Ink on paper, A5, 2003.


Camden Town to Kentish Town. Medium: Ink on paper, A5, 2003.


Kentish Town to Tufnell Park. Medium: Ink on paper, A5, 2003.

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