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Chloe Bass: What is public space?


Contemporary urban space seeks the kind of publicity usually reserved for top-tier celebs. Reports of space-spotting, space as trendsetter, spaces that are “just like us,” should be cluttering the airwaves with gleeful, temporary abandon: the prevalence of casual useless news-making that belies a deep, permanent reverence. Give me the eternal life of the space through the sheer force of language and image. Let me love space through my cravings for the details of even its most irrelevant normalcy.


Space, in public, should give us something to live up to. I want to improve myself constantly based on its standards: secret techniques brought to life and embodied in my daily practice. Let’s borrow from the looks of public space, modify our sounds to match its voice. Let us all strive to be public even as we know the pyramid to success is slippery and ever-shrinking.


Space is not just place anymore: it’s phenomenon. Without these goals, we are lost.


CHLOE BASS works primarily in the creation of performances, situations, and installations. “It is my goal to investigate the potential of the everyday as a catalyst for intimacy. I’m captivated by the common denominators of the human experience: the things that people do always. I seek to highlight the seemingly normal as a means of questioning its stability.”

Posted: November 8th, 2013
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Eliza Gregory | What is public space?


What do I think about when I think about space?

What is public space? Is it space without ownership? Is it communally owned space? Is it transient space–space that I move through but don’t remain in? Is everything public space?

Is it the place I see other people? Is it a place where I am not in control? Is it a place that a crowd controls? Is it a place beyond control?

What is space itself? The area around me. The area I move through. The area I move to. What I’ve left. Where I’m not. A structure for me to inhabit. A way for my mind to be bounded. A way for my body to be bounded. A boundary. A body.

Space is a way to organize my physical experience, and my understanding of that experience. It’s a way to organize my needs. It’s a way to organize my day, my desires, my ideas, my emotions.

Space is what lies between me and others. What lies between me and everything else.


ELIZA GREGORY builds multi-layered projects using photography, interviews, events and partnerships in order to catalyze new relationships within a given community. Her recent work has focused on cultural identity, cultural adaptation, and the relationship between people and places.

Posted: November 6th, 2013
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The New Structure

A series of presentations that explore architectures of the community, the urban fabric, environments, the poetic, the body, space, and the imagination. What are the ways of examining and exploring “place”? This is a series of investigation, discussion, experimentation, performance, and storytelling. It is a platform promoting the creation of new forms and definitions of placemaking and experiencing space. The New Structure invites practitioners of diverse disciplines to share their unique engagements appealing to these themes. Please direct all questions and proposals to

Posted: November 1st, 2013
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