Eliza Gregory | What is public space?


What do I think about when I think about space?

What is public space? Is it space without ownership? Is it communally owned space? Is it transient space–space that I move through but don’t remain in? Is everything public space?

Is it the place I see other people? Is it a place where I am not in control? Is it a place that a crowd controls? Is it a place beyond control?

What is space itself? The area around me. The area I move through. The area I move to. What I’ve left. Where I’m not. A structure for me to inhabit. A way for my mind to be bounded. A way for my body to be bounded. A boundary. A body.

Space is a way to organize my physical experience, and my understanding of that experience. It’s a way to organize my needs. It’s a way to organize my day, my desires, my ideas, my emotions.

Space is what lies between me and others. What lies between me and everything else.


ELIZA GREGORY builds multi-layered projects using photography, interviews, events and partnerships in order to catalyze new relationships within a given community. Her recent work has focused on cultural identity, cultural adaptation, and the relationship between people and places.

Posted: November 6th, 2013
Categories: What is Public Space?
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