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Ian J. Whitmore | Onomasticon: A Vocabulary for Nowhere




Between September 5-30 Cityscope and Ian Whitmore are exhibiting the book series, Onomasticon: A Vocabulary for Nowhere in the bSIDE6 building (528 E. Burnside St).

Whitmore’s Onomasticon: A Vocabulary for Nowhere presents a new lexicon for these ubiquitous, yet abstract spaces. Onomasticon is a series of 26 artist books. Each book pairs a single word with corresponding imagery inspired by a prevailing sense of non-place in contemporary American urban and suburban landscape.

Onomasticon has been exhibited, partially, in recent years using straight forward and traditional methods of displaying artist books utilizing vitrines, tables and shelves. Most of these methods of presentation offer visitors the opportunity to engage with the books physically. This element of direct engagement is essential to the experience of these books. These books are produced by Whitmore specifically for exhibitions so they can be handled providing a cogitative experience through of unfolding, refolding, page turning and tactile exploration.

For this exhibition Whitmore employs these methods of display while also addressing the specific form and function of certain books through the building of custom shelving and tables where possible. The exhibition functions as an engagement with the public to engender conversations about place, civic design and citizenship.

(Photos: Robert Duncan Gray)

Posted: September 16th, 2014
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